You deserve to be financially secure now and in the future.

Tailored Wealth is something we should all be striving for but unfortunately, too many Australians don’t realise that it is possible to achieve. When you’re buried in debt, it’s difficult to imagine a life where you don’t have to worry about money any more. It’s time that changed.



Tailored Wealth Management refers to the careful planning and management of your money and all forms of income so you can build wealth, and look forward to financial security even in retirement. A Tailored Wealth Manager is an expert who advises you on the best strategies available to you to meet your personal finance and lifestyle goals.

There are a range of different investment strategies that can help you build your wealth. Here are some examples.



When you buy stocks or shares, you are buying a small slice of the company you invest in. The stocks are listed on the share market which can be quite complicated to use if you don’t know what you are doing. In essence, you decide how much you want to pay and how many shares you want, then find a seller who meets those requirements. It is probably easier to buy your stocks and shares through a broker but often they prefer quite a large investment before they will bother with you. The market can be quite volatile so it’s impossible to predict your return, and there can be a reasonably high level of risk associated with the investment.


A self-managed super fund puts control of your superannuation into your own hands. You get to make the investment choices which meet your financial needs. There are tax advantages to investing through your SMSF which make it very attractive, however your whole future depends on you making the right decisions. This form of investment is best done in consultation with the experts, and should be regarded as long term.


When you invest your money with a financial institution for a set time period (term) at a fixed rate of interest, it’s called a term deposit. It’s easy to set up a term deposit with your bank and at the end of the investment period, you can withdraw your money or roll it over into a second term deposit. Your money is quite secure.


A mutual fund, also known as a managed fund, is a pool of money contributed by different investors and it’s managed by a fund management company. The money is then invested in shares, stocks, bonds or some other securities. The risk and return on these funds is determined by the choice of investment the funds are applied to.


Investing in property can be a great way to build wealth, providing you’ve chosen your property carefully. You can invest in domestic or commercial property with a realistic expectation of profit and/or rental income over time. The market is relatively stable and there is a demand for rental property. This is a long term investment and one which the banks will look favourably upon.


A bond is a loan made by an investor to a government or corporation who promises to pay interest at a fixed rate and repay the loan by a set date. That means you can count on a set amount of income on set dates and you know exactly when you can get your money back. You can even sell your bonds if you want to. Bonds are a great, low-risk investment.

No matter what form of investment you choose, it’s wise not to put your eggs all in the one basket.

Diversify your investments in terms of risk, return and length of term. Choose an investment that produces income now and another that will come to fruition in the future. Choose a high risk – high return investment but balance it with a low risk – lower return option, too.

Tailored Wealth Management is the process of choosing the right investments for your needs, and then managing and monitoring them until they pay off.

No matter what your income, anyone can start on a journey to Tailored Wealth as long as they have the right advice.

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